This morning I went to Palais Royal unfortunately the weather didn’t line up with my one and only free Sunday here between the rain and a private party getting set up it was pretty abandoned with only the occasional worker and the most dedicated joggers there. The lack of people presents a kind of magic alone. The quiet steady pace of my own walking and the sighting of the reflection of the stranger who is myself was a magical experiances the confrontation of the ghost of my past self with my new current self but then a group of noisy Italian tourist cut through the courtyard and the spell was broken

La Fete de Musique

So I did something different when I went to Palais Royal today. Tater than sit in the garden like I usually do I chose to sit along the outside walk across from the metro station, where I got to hear an opera being preformed in the street tonight is La Fete de Musique in conjunction with the summer solstice. It was the most crowded and busy I have ever seen Palais Royal, there were crowds streaming by my seat as well as a large one bunched up around the performance. Magic and excitement in the air

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Today I wandered into a market like the original kind with vendors selling food from outside booths on the street. I realized as I wandered through that markets like this one have been going on since Paris has been a city. The language may be different and as well as the way people dress but…

Luxembourg Gardens

So today after class I went and sat in the Luxembourg Gardens and now I’m feeling very conflicted about were I want to focus on. In the Palais Royal the architecture is intriguing and begins to tell the story of old and new by itself, but when I went there it was not busy. Though to be fair it was also rainy cold and miserable that day. Luxembourg was definitely busy and lively to day but once again the weather was lovely. Today I sat and watched Parisians read and enjoy the sun or talk to their friends, tourists taking crazy photos and a drawing class being taught, all in front of the Artemis statue near the Luxembourg palace. Idk though I know I definitely need to return to the Palais Royal before I make a decision

Palais Royal 1st Trip

Today I visited the Palais Royal with a small group after class. I am seriously thinking about narrowing my point of focus for my research question to Palais Royal and it’s surrounding streets. The area has a sting mix of eras in art and architecture that I find appealing. However, I will wait to make my final decision until after I’ve seen the Palais Royal on a Sunday morning when I have been told it has a magical feel.